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11 Lucky Charms To Bring Luck, Prosperity, Health & Wealth To Your Home!

11 Lucky Charms To Bring Luck, Prosperity, Health & Wealth To Your Home

Feng Shui is a Chinese pseudoscience originated in ancient china. Its literal meaning is “wind and water", which bonds a person’s destiny with his/her environment thus creating an harmony. Everything that Feng Shui offers is in and around the 5 elements of nature- water, fire, wood, metal, and earth, and the external environment.

Incorporating Feng Shui in life supports us in attracting love, wealth, affection, peace and prosperity. But all this comes to those who strive for it. Thus Feng Shui bringing in peace, love and wealth delivers a great way of life.

The colour Green is often considered safe and symbolises money or wealth. Feng Shui preaches that certain plants when placed in a particular area of any residence or office area attracts luck and prosperity. But not only luck, it also energises the environment eliminating negativity and cleansing the air so that positivity can prosper.

Here are some plants that brings luck, prosperity, wealth and health to your home!!!

1. Money plant


Money plant is often used in Feng Shui in order to attract good luck. Even in Chinese culture the money plant is gifted on “Chinese new year” as a sign of guck and prosperity. Mostly the money plant is braided together but to bring in “luck“ , 3-5 plants should be braided in order to avoid the unlucky number 4.

Usually the plant is also used to bring wealth, but for that you need to make sure that the shoot points upwards.

 2. Palms


Palm trees are often associated with bringing in good luck and positivity alongside Feng Shui as long as the plant is kept healthy. It is found to clean the air of benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde thereby making the air light and sending cool vibes.

3. Rubber plant


Rubber plant have the “wealth” factor when it comes to Feng Shui. They can be beneficial in any spot inside the house or even in front of the residence much like the jade plant. The round leaves of the plant are said to symbolize abundance, wealth and prosperity.

4. Peace lily


Peace lilies when fully grown produce while flowers under indirect sunlight. As the name suggests this household plant brings in serenity and peace in the residence making the air full of positivity and stability.

5. Jade plant


Plants with round leaves are said to bring in wealth and abundance. Jade plant is no exception. They are best suited for office areas and for business owners just stepping in the big world of numbers. But apart from a good office plant there is no reason that they won’t work their magic at home as well.

 6. Orchids


Orchids are basically associated with deepening bonds and symbolize love, fertility and virility and this makes them a great gift for new parents. The colour of the orchid flowers determines the potency. Violet orchid is considered the most auspicious of all the varieties of the flower.

 7. English ivy


Ivy is a soft plant to bring in tranquillity to the place where we rest or work thus killing the

“Poison arrows”. It eliminates benzene found in plastics and formaldehyde from paints and carpets

 8. Spider plant


Feng Shui often mentions spider plant to absorb the negative energy making the environment positive. This hanging household plant gets rid of Carbon Monoxide and formaldehyde when placed beside a fireplace.

 9. Morning Glory


These plants are feast for the eyes with the flowers blooming every morning just before the mid-day heat in the summers goes up thus surely making someone’s day. They are said to bring peace and happiness and a good night’s sleep when you put their yellow seeds under the pillow.

 10. Lotus


Lotus paired with white lilies bring peace in the garden. But its works well when maintained well and trimmed time to time to keep the look breath-taking and the water cleaned regularly.

 11. Philodendron


This flower is said to bring up the element of Fire to add emotion to any dark corner to bring up the warmth where the energy is generally lower so that every corner of the house exhibit positivity.


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