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Recycle Banana Peels & Use It As Fertilizer For Your Plants!


Banana peels are perhaps the best thing you can use to treat your plants with. Bananas are rich source of potassium and calcium which is loved by your plants! Here are various ways you can utilize your remaining banana strips:

  • First way and the easiest one is to simply cover the entire banana peel into soil of your garden!
  • Secondly, you can cut the peels into little pieces and bury them into your houseplants. Also, they don't draw any bugs because they act as natural insecticide for your plants.
  • You can also make tea with full of nutrition to water your plants. Place the peels in any glass container that you have, and fill the container with water until it is completely submerged. Let is stew for 2 days & utilize this tea to water your plants! You can use the leftovers of peel as well for your plants.


  • You can blend the tea in with some eggshell powder and use it as a compost spray.
  • If you want to take it further, you can dry up and ferment the banana peels. Rather than blending your banana tea for 2 days, you will need to let it decompose for about seven days and then crush it and spread it in your pots. But fermented banana peels may cause foul smell, so it is usually not prefered in houseplants, you can use it in outdoor garden.



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