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PaudhaHouse Spider Plant With Grower Pot

PaudhaHouse Spider Plant With Grower Pot

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Spider plants are one of the most adaptable and easy to grow indoor plant and because of this they are ideal and perfect plant for novice gardener. This plant is also known with many other name like Airplane plant, ribbon plant,spider ivy. It has grass like leaves which comes from their dangling stems. This is air purifier plant. It removes indoor pollutants from air so keep this plant at your desk or in your living area.

Type of plant: Indoor/Outdoor(Semi shaded)

Plant care:

  • Sunlight: Choose shaded area which doesn't receive direct sunlight but bright light. Receiving direct sunlight can burn their leaves so they don't appreciate hot sunlight.
  • Water: In its initial growing days water it occasionally. Once it is fully grown water it moderately. In spring and summer season you should always keep soil moist to encourage well growth of plant.
  • Soil: Use well drained soil such as the soil which contains some amount of sand in it or mix it with some sand. Adding potting mix will be best as it will retain the moisture. Spider plants don't prefer too much wet or too much dry.
  • Fertilizer: Use water-soluble fertilizer but don't over fertilize just add fertilizer twice a month
  • Temperature: Ideal temperature should be between 55 and 80°F (13–27°C), which makes spider plant a great indoor plant.

    Pot Size: 4"-6" Grower Pot

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