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PaudhaHouse Aloe Vera Plant With Grower Pot

PaudhaHouse Aloe Vera Plant With Grower Pot

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The aloe vera plant is a simple, appealing succulent that makes it extraordinary indoor friendly plant. They are helpful, as well, as the juice from their leaves can be utilized to relieve from torment from scratches on body and it also helpful when applied topically in case of burn.

Type of plant: Indoor Plant/Outdoor Plant

Plant Care:

  • Sunlight : Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight.Keep the aloe vera plant in a pot around a kitchen window for occasional use yet abstain from having the sun's beams hit it straightforwardly. A western or southern window is perfect.
  • Water: Water aloe vera plants profoundly thrice a week and avoid too much watering. Utilize your finger to test dryness of soil before watering. Between two watering let soil dry out 1 to 3 inches deep.
  • Aloe Vera plants that are kept in low light regularly, become leggy.
  • Aloe vera do best in temperatures somewhere in the range of 50 and 75°F. The temperatures of most homes and apartments are perfect.
  • From May to September, you can bring your plant outside with no issues, however bring it back inside at night if evenings are cold.
  • Use fertilizer once in a month. Water based fertilizer should be used at half strength.

Pot Size: 4-5" Grower Pot

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