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PaudhaHouse Allamanda Yellow Flower Plant With Pot

PaudhaHouse Allamanda Yellow Flower Plant With Pot

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Allamanda is a simple plant to develop when it is developed in the correct condition. The Allamanda is upright growing plants which is becoming more popular these days because of its bright yellow flowers. Allamanda develops quick and offers breathtaking blossoming in summer. It is also known as golden trumpet. This Allamanda plant needs high light, consistently warm temperatures and humidity of at least 50 percent.

Type of plant: Outdoor Plant

Plant care:

  • Sunlight: Full sun is needed. It needs a great deal of sun to grow well.
  • Water: Use tap water because Allamanda is very sensitive to calcium-stacked and chlorine water. Preferably, watering should be done in evening. In winter season, reduce the watering frequency as much as possible, and bring it to once in a month in very cold weather or once a week if temperature is 9°C-15°C.
  • Soil: The soil must be be well drained to ensure it never become waterlogged. One can make well drained soil at home comfortable with a blend of one section garden soil, one section soil blend and one section sand.
  • Fertilizer: Allamanda is resistant to most of the diseases and parasites. In starting water-soluble liquid can be used to fertilize every two weeks during plants growth. Avoid giving too much fertilizer else plant will end up with lesser flowers.
  • Temperature: Allamanda must be placed in a warm spot and should be placed inside in winter if temperatures dip under 40°F (5°C). Pick a spot that is shielded from wind and ideally along a cross section that it can climb along.
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