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BHU Samruddhi - 1Kg
BHU Samruddhi - 1Kg

BHU Samruddhi - 1Kg

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BHU Samruddhi (Mushroom Based Compost) is prepared from material generated from mushroom industry. It acts as soil conditioner and helps in improving physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.


  • It is rich in organic carbon
  • It protects the plants from diseases
  • It increases water holding capacity of soil
  • Increases growth yield and quality of crops by supplying essential nutrients.

Usage Instructions:

Mix recommended dose in top layer of soil followed by light watering

  • Potted plants/Flowers/Vegetables/Ornamentals: 50-100 gm per plant once a week
  • Garden Plants/Trees: 100-200 gm per plant once a week
  • Kitchen Garden/Lawns: 500-1000 gm per square metre once a month