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PaudhaHouse Bunny Ear Cactus With Pot

PaudhaHouse Bunny Ear Cactus With Pot

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Bunny Ear Cactus: Bunny ears cactus plant basically originated from Mexico. This plant is also known with other name Opuntia microdasys. Growing and caring bunny cactus is very easy. These plants(succulent) are a dream plant for novice gardener or plant lover because of their low upkeep and fascinating appearance. IF you are lucky the plant may create 2-inch wide rich yellow blossoms in summer and later on it may produce spherical purple fruit like globe-shaped.

Type of plant: Indoor Plant

Plant care:

  • Sunlight: Avoid direct sunlight for indoor plant. Find the spot in your house where where direct bright light can reach but not sunlight. A south-facing spot will cater the need.
  • Water: Don't overwater your plant it will cause to death of the plant. Water the plant when soil dry out a inch from the top. Excess water need to be drain out from pot very quickly. During Spring water is essential, almost once a week but in winter season watering frequency should be once every two weeks.
  • Soil: Use well drained soil container. Good cactus potting mix is very well suited for growing bunny cactus plant.
  • Fertilizer: During spring and summer use diluted cactus formula or houseplant food with every other watering. Don't fertilize plant very frequently it will lead to fast growth of plant and it may cause to miss-happen to bunny pads. Refrain yourself from fertilizing newly potted plants or dormant plants.
  • Temperature: Ideal temperature would be 15°C to 17°C but it can also tolerate summer temperature as high as 30°C but increase the frequency of water during hot summer especially in country like India. Humidity range should be from 10 to 30 percent.

Pot Size: 2.5" 

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