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Paudhahouse Potting Soil Mix

Paudhahouse Potting Soil Mix

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Potting Soil is the key source for plants to get nutrition, so we need to pot them in best quality soil with enough nutrients and good drainage to avoid water logging.

Usage & Benefits:

  • It can be used to fill pots or plant containers to grow plants
  • It is very much beneficial in growth of seeds due to good drainage and aeration in soil
  • It can also be used when repotting your plant to bigger pot.
  • It is completely organic and environment friendly
  • It can be used in growing any type of plant

Contents: Cocopeat, Soil & Organic Manure

Soil Pack Size Chart: (Choose your pack size from menu above)

 Pack Size Enough for Pot Size (approximate value)
1kg Pack 4-5 inch Pot
2Kg Pack 6-7 inch Pot
3Kg Pack 8 inch Pot
5Kg Pack 10 inch Pot
10Kg Pack 12 inch Pot


  • This soil does not contain any special fertilizer like fruiting or flowering boosters.
  • Store it in cool & dry place.