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PaudhaHouse Schefflera Plant

PaudhaHouse Schefflera Plant

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Schefflera is a very popular home indoor plant. Schefflera has oval shape leaves that droop attractively from central stalk and this is why this plant is also known as dwarf umbrella tree.This is herbaceous plant.

Type of plant: Indoor Plant

Plant Care:

  • Sunlight: Shade or Partial shade
  • Water: Very less waterings required probably twice a week.
  • Don't over water the plant's root, wait until soil in the pot dries out while watering else plant will die.
  • This plant can be placed in corridor or in room.
  • No fertilizer needed but if you like you can give water soluble once in a year.
  • This plant may be required pruning occasionally when you feel plant is overgrown. Don't worry, after pruning schefflera will quickly rebound.
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