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SEQUEL Organic Soil Conditioner - 500gm

SEQUEL Organic Soil Conditioner - 500gm

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SEQUEL contains 3 important nutrients Calcium, Magnesium & Sulphur which are essential for healthy growth of any plant.


  • Calcium helps to develop cell structure, cells division and reproduction of cell also. Calcium helps to develop better roots.
  • Different harmful salts present in the soil are made inactive by calcium.
  • Magnesium gives dark green color to the leaves and plants.
  • Sulphur increases the taste of fruit, flavour and good fragrance to the flowers.
  • Due to use of SEQUEL soil becomes porous and maximum nitrogen from air is absorbed by plants.
  • It also reduces flowers and fruit dropping.

Usage Instructions:

  • Palm Trees: 150-250 gms per plant
  • Fruit Trees: 200-500 gms per plant
  • Flowering Plant/Roses: 100-200 gms per plant
  • Ornamental Plants: 150-250 gms per plant
  • Bonsai: 200-300 gms per plant
  • Kitchen Plants: 100-150 gms per pot
  • Lawns: 500 gms per 100 Sq. Ft.